Red Siskin Distribution

Once abundant across northern Venezuela, today it is a very rare bird.

An iconic but threatened bird

With its unmistakable red and black color, the beautiful Red Siskin once roamed the skies of northern South America in large flocks.

Today, it is one of the most threatened animals in the region, persisting in only a few small and isolated groups. Sadly, it is now easier to find pictured on the Venezuelan Bs. 100 bill than in its former home in the wild.

The Red Siskin Initiative aims to reverse this tragic decline and restore thriving populations of this beloved bird throughout its historic range.

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Why is it endangered?

Two main human activities have brought Red Siskins close to extinction: trapping and habitat destruction.

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The Project

The Red Siskin Initiative is an international partnership of public and private institutions, communities, and people working to help understand, protect, and restore sustainable populations of this highly endangered and iconic bird in Venezuela and Guyana.

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how you can help

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Your generous contribution will support essential research, anti-trafficking programs, captive breeding, and education.

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Take Action

Everybody can make a difference.

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Be a part

The Red Siskin Initiative is a partnership of many who strongly believe that we still have time to prevent extinction.


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