The Initiative

The Red Siskin Initiative is an international partnership of public and private institutions communities and people working to help understand, protect and restore sustainable populations of the Red Siskin.

The Project

We envision to maintain and restore self-sustaining populations of Red Siskins in their natural habitat and their historical distribution range.

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Understanding the Red Siskin

Our scientists are using fieldwork, labwork, and in-depth analyses to better understand the ecology and genetics of this species.

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Rescuing, raising and reintroducing more Red Siskins

We are working hard in order to rescue individuals confiscated from the illegal trade, rehabilitate them, raise more, and reintroduce them into nature.

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Connecting with people

Two Venezuelan local TV chains are presenting a promotional video of the RSI featuring Venezuelan radio and TV host Rocco Pirillo titled “Four things you didn’t know about redheads”.

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Ensuring Bird Friendly habitats

More bird-friendly agroforestry crops and protected areas guarantee environmental, economic, and social sustainability

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Promoting only sustainable use of Red Siskins

Did you know that breeders from around the world have joined efforts to save the Red Siskin?

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Learn more about the initiative

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The Red Siskin

Once abundant across northern Venezuela, today it is a very rare bird.

An Iconic bird

The Red Siskin has been an inspiration for generations of Venezuelan singers, poets and painters.

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Why is it endangered?

Two primary human activities have brought the Red Siskin to the brink of extinction: unsustainable capture and trafficking of wild animals, and habitat loss and degradation.

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How you can help

Take action

Everybody can make the difference. Share with others what you know about the Red Siskin, do not choose wildlife as pets, contribute to the project with money or time.


Your generous contribution will support essential research, anti-trafficking programs, captive breeding and education.

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Be a part

The Red Siskin Initiative is partnership of many who strongly believe that we will have time to prevent the extinction.

Who is involved

We dream of the Red Siskin as a source of local and national pride in all range countries. Work with us to make the difference.

Leads partners
Implementation partners

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