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The initiative

The Red Siskin Initiative is an international partnership of public and private institutions communities and people working to help understand, protect and restore sustainable populations of the Red Siskin.

Understanding the red siskin

The Red Siskin used to be a common, easily seen bird; however, little was known scientifically about its natural history, reproduction and feeding habits.

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Rescuing, raising and reintroducing

The number of Red Siskins in the wild has declined severely, making it very difficult for them to recover on their own.

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Connecting with people

Human actions may drive the main threats to Red Siskins, but undoubtedly it is human action - working together with people and communities – that will also be the main solution to these problems

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Ensuring bird friendly habitats

Agroforestry practices in the tropics reduce pesticide use and erosion, protect watersheds, and provide habitat for birds and other animals.

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Promoting sustainable use

Thanks to our initial research findings, we now understand more about how unsustainable harvesting is structured, who is involved, and what their socio-economic motivations are

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The Red Siskin

Once abundant across northern Venezuela, today it is a very rare bird

An Iconic bird

The Red Siskin has been an inspiration for generations of Venezuelan singers, poets and painters.

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Why is it endangered?

Two primary human activities have brought the Red Siskin close to extinction: Unsustainable harvest, and habitat loss and degradation.

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How you can help


Your generous contribution will support essential research, anti-trafficking programs, captive breeding and education.

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Take action

Everybody can make the difference. Share with others what you know about the Red Siskin, do not choose wildlife as pets, contribute to the project with money or time.

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Be a part

The Red Siskin Initiative is partnership of many who strongly believe that we will have time to prevent the extinction.

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Who is involved

We dream of the Red Siskin as a source of local and national pride in all range countries. Work with us to make te difference


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