An Iconic bird

The Red Siskin has been an inspiration for generations of Venezuelan musicians, poets and painters.

In addition to the urgent need and desire to conserve biodiversity there is a strong cultural connection between the Red Siskin and the Venezuelan people. Although the Red Siskin is now rare, it once graced the skies of forests and cities in large flocks, and nested in parks and the eaves of buildings. This bird has been the subject of artistic inspiration for many singers, poets and painters. It is a mascot for many sports teams, the official bird in the state of Lara, and it is even illustrated on the highest denomination banknote in Venezuela. The extinction of this bird would be a tragic and irreplaceable loss not only for nature but also for our national culture.

The Red Siskin Initiative is working to ensure the survival and recovery of this species so that future generations may also be inspired to paint, sing and celebrate its beauty and the cultural and natural heritage it represents to the people of Venezuela and the region. We leverage that deep historical and cultural connection to help people understand the value of biodiversity for nature and for society.