01 Aug

Coordination team meets in Washington

The RSI coordination team (Kate Rodríguez-Clark, Mike Braun, Brian Coyle, Miguel Arvelo and Ada Sánchez) met this summer in Washington, D.C. for a three-day work meeting. They evaluated  progress on the Strategy for the Global Conservation of the Red Siskin with respect to the activities accomplished so far and those planned for 2018.

As we move into the next version of our conservation strategy, we will continue to focus on six major work areas, with clear leadership in each: 1) understanding Red Siskins through research, led by Mike; 2) reducing the impact of traffic, led by Ada; 3) increasing habitats through bird-friendly agriculture, led by Brian; 4) connecting with stakeholders, led by Miguel; 5) raising and releasing Red Siskins, led by Kate, and 6) RSI sustainability (partner relations, marketing, fundraising), led by Miguel.

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