Feature paper and cover in Animal Conservation
08 Apr

Feature paper and cover in Animal Conservation

The scientific journal Animal Conservation has decided to feature an RSI article in its April issue!: “Social network analysis reveals specialized trade in an Endangered songbird”. Every month, Animal Conservation selects an article to appear on its cover and to be the object of additional expert commentary, thereby highlighting the article to their readership and to the wider conservation community. We would like to thank Dr. Elina Rantanen for the invitation, and the experts Susan M. Tsang, Damien Farine and J.S. Kahler for taking the time and share their valuable insights about our research. 

This article takes on greater urgency now as the world examines possible links between the COVID-19 pandemic and wildlife trade, and represents an opportunity to build new alliances and engage larger audiences. 

We invite you to read the full Feature PaperIllegal wildlife trade networks: finding creative opportunities for conservation intervention in challenging circumstances” and share.

If you have any comments, please contact us: mcedeno@provitaonline.org.

Cover Photo by Leonel Ovalle-Moleiro

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