Field Research
30 Sep

Field Research

Guyana: South Rupununi Conservation Society field research
resumes. Rangers are banding birds, studying movement
patterns, and collecting blood samples for genetic research
with support from the Mohamed Bin Zayed Foundation.

Searching for siskins in Puerto Rico: In December, Jack
Eitniear, Center for the Study for Tropical Birds, Mike Braun
and Brian Coyle, SI-NMNH, along with Sergio Colon and several
other members of the Sociedad Ornitológica Puertorriqueña
(SOPI) will launch a months-long search for Red Siskins on the
Caribbean island, where they were last officially documented
in 1983.

Broadening the mission in Venezuela: The international
network built and fostered by the RSI has been contributing
to conservation efforts of other species and ecosystems.
With support from the William Belton Fund, we are looking
for “Lost Birds” in Venezuela in partnership with American
Bird Conservancy. Stay tuned for upcoming news about this
important work.

New Equipment: We are very grateful for the donation of a
new camera, audio recording equipment and truck parts from
Idea Wild. These will support years of future field research in
Venezuela including proposed 2017 work on trapping activity,
potential threats from other native species, and Bird Friendly

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