HARI becomes an RSI Bronze donor!
01 Oct

HARI becomes an RSI Bronze donor!

Last September, the well-known Hagen Avian Research Institute (HARI), based in Canada, made a generous donation to the Red Siskin Initiative, through its Director Mr. Mark Hagen, in support of the Red Siskin Conservation Center at the Leslie Pantin Zoo, in Paya, Venezuela. HARI is now part of our group of Bronze Sponsors!

Founded in 1985, HARI’s mission is to promote the advancement and improvement of aviculture through education and research in the areas of psittacine health, nutrition, breeding, and early parrot education, along with product development. In addition, the institute supports global efforts in avian conservation, and this contribution highlights the important role that aviculturists have to play in the conservation of endangered Red Siskins.

Thanks to Mr. Mark Hagen and HARI for the support and for helping us to #SaveTheRedSiskin!

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