In 2020 we continue promoting sustainable use: Phase III is on!
21 Mar

In 2020 we continue promoting sustainable use: Phase III is on!

We are grateful to Neotropical Bird Club (NBC) for awarding a 2020 Conservation Grant to the Red Siskin Initiative. This is the third consecutive NBC award in support of RSI research on the illicit trade of the red siskins. 

During this next phase of research, we will increase sampling and expand the project’s scope with help from a growing community of red siskin aviculturists in Venezuela and globally who are passionate about conservation. This avicultural alliance is partnering on education, donating birds, supporting action and contributing to research by distributing surveys among a greater number of national and international groups and societies. In recent years, RSI has consolidated the Red Siskin’s Specialists and Aviculturists Network (ReSSAN, Red de Especialistas y Avicultores Amigos del Cardenalito (REAAC) in Spanish), with scientists and conservation experts who are united in their commitment to the conservation of the Red Siskin and the promotion of good practices among their peers.

The network continues to grow and adding allies in Venezuela and the world, strengthened with the support of the Federación Ornitológica de Venezuela, The American Federation of Aviculture, the National Finch and Softbill Society, Queensland Finch Society and others.  In addition to activities above, together we are developing a protocol for captive breeding for conservation purposes, adding experiences of aviculturists and specialists, as a first step towards the preparation of a manual of Best Practices for Captive Breeding that promotes the sustainable management of captive populations.

Thanks to the Neotropical Bird Club for their trust and support. Stay tuned to our website and future newsletters to learn more about the progress of this interesting project.

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