More Safe Habitats
15 Oct

More Safe Habitats

Guyana Bird Friendly agroforestry program: Tree nurseries
have been established at Dadanawa, Katoonarib, and Shulinab
villages, and more seedlings planted at Katoonarib, Shulinab,
Rupunau. This reforestation effort integrates shade-grown
coffee, cacao, and other cash crops and Non Timber Forest
Products, following SI Bird-Friendly Coffee(c) guidelines.

“Piedra e Cachimbo” coffee farms in Venezuela: In July,
Peter Bichier, long-term field researcher with Smithsonian
Migratory Bird Center and currently at Santa Cruz
University, and Luis Arrieta, a Venezuelan agronomist, made
preliminary surveys of shade coffee farms that are seeking
to achieve Smithsonian Bird Friendly Coffee® certification.
This effort will provide release sites for Red Siskins
and conserve traditional agricultural communities,
cultural heritage and critical overwintering habitat for
migratory birds. Travel was made possible thanks to the
American Bird Conservancy.

Red indicates highest bird-biodiversity. Piedra e
Cachimbo is circled in.

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