New allies join the Red Siskin Initiative!

September 17, 2021 by Bárbara Santana

The Ornithological Federation of Andalucía joins to RSI

Despite the numerous difficulties associated with these trying times we face, our Red Siskins are actually very spoiled! The RSCC today welcomes the Ornithological Federation of Andalucía (FOA, acronym in Spanish) as a new ally. FOA has provided support for storage areas, a laboratory area for environmental control of biological specimens and construction of feeders in outdoor aviaries.

The acquisition of this equipment guarantees the best storage conditions for the food and medicines of our Red Siskins. The external feeders, on the other hand, will allow better protection of food from external conditions, as well as facilitate handling.

Through these actions, FOA takes a step forward towards consolidating a message in favor of the conservation of the Venezuelan Red Siskin, thank you for your confidence in our project and to our allies ReSSAN of Spain, for their tireless commitment to the promotion of good practices.