Preparations for the 2023 breeding season are underway

May 25, 2023 by Bárbara Santana

Last year, hatching our very first Red Siskin chicks at the RS Conservation Center was a milestone for us and for the conservation of this endangered species in Venezuela.

We closed the season with a total of 16 eggs hatched! This will provide juveniles to keep our population strong into the future, and some new arrivals  may even be ready for breeding during this upcoming season.

We are now in the midst of preparations. Currently, we are carrying out maintenance work on the aviaries, and we’re evaluating climatic variables to make necessary adjustments in light, temperature, and humidity. Additionally, we have applied sanitary management protocols to our birds and have begun gradually supplying them with a seed mix that provides an optimal diet with necessary vitamins and nutritional requirements for reproduction.

This breeding protocol served last year to successfully signal to Red Siskins that it was time for reproduction. We trust it will do the same this year and hope to have good news to share with you soon!