Preparing for Red Siskin Reintroduction
15 Oct

Preparing for Red Siskin Reintroduction

Smithsonian Red Siskin colony: The new SCBI flock is thriving
and we expect to start hatching chicks this spring! We are
lining up interns to assist researchers with data collection on
nutrition, vocalization, and breeding behaviors.

Red Siskin Conservation Center: RUHL WALKER Architects
have produced a spectacular conceptual design for the
conservation breeding and education facility planned for
Bararida Zoo-VE. This is a major step forward for the RSI
reintroduction plan!

Conceptual design for Red
Siskin Conservation Breeding
and Education Center (RSCC)
at Bararida Zoo in Barquisimeto
Venezuela. This elegant yet
economical facility will be the
main site for breeding siskins for
reintroduction and the central
feature of Bararida’s conservation
education and training programs.
Architectural services have been
generously donated by Ruhl
Walker Architects.

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