Thanks to our initial research findings, we now understand more about how unsustainable harvesting is structured, who is involved, and what their socio-economic motivations are. Our results identified that, among the actors involved, aviculturists have the knowledge and interest in birds that makes them possible “seedbeds” of good practices for captive breeding.
We are currently joining allies around the world, committed to integrating expertise and disciplines to establish a plan to reduce the demand for wild red siskins and, in turn, to promote good practices for captive breeding within our aviculturists community.


Thanks to funding from the Neotropical Bird Club (NBC) and Mr. James Sillers, we completed important research to understand the actors involved in unsustainable harvesting, their interactions, and their socio-economic motivations and commercial mechanisms.

We produced the publication ``Social network analysis reveals specialized trade in an Endangered songbird``, which was selected as ``Featured Paper 2020`` giving us the opportunity to make these results visible and gain new allies for the next steps

We executed two collaborative workshops with aviculturists have been developed towards the improvement of breeding protocols at the service of the RS Conservation Center and the Aviculturists and Specialists Group to RS Conservation (ASG) has been formed, which currently has a section within our website with main objective, accomplishments, testimonials, and a discussion forum