Red Siskin Initiative Celebration
23 Nov

Red Siskin Initiative Celebration

SCBI hosted a celebration of
the RSI on September
23. SCBI Director
Steve Monfort and
RSI-cofounder Michael
Braun, NMNH, gave a
wonderful introduction
to the project followed
by a tour of the Red Siskin
colony and discussion
with the RSI team about
our work and vision.

SCBI Autumn Conservation Festival 2016: The
weekend long public outreach festival was a fantastic
opportunity to share the RSI with hundreds of visitors.
Our booth was rated one of the crowd favorites!
Thanks to Christine Frandsen for graphic design and to
Helen Moore, NZP, Kristin Black, SCBI, and volunteers
for support.

SCBI celebration of RSI on September
23, attended by local supporters, some
RSI team members and leaders from

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