Red Siskin Initiative joins The Bird-Friendly Coalition!
21 Sep

Red Siskin Initiative joins The Bird-Friendly Coalition!

The Bird-Friendly Coalition (BFC) is a diverse network of organizations, institutions, and individuals committed to minimizing human impacts on birds through solutions, ranging from agriculture to architecture, that maximize benefits to native birds. Founded in 2020, the Coalition currently comprises 45 participants, spanning products and industries around the globe, and the Red Siskin Initiative is proud to join.

RSI activities relevant to the Coalition include conserving forest in Red Siskin habitat in Venezuela. We help agroforestry producers in the region gain Smithsonian Bird Friendly certification, the gold-standard for producers using practices that conserve migratory songbird habitat. Our education and community engagement programs also promote a bird friendly mindset across ages and backgrounds.

More about BFC:

  • Mission: The Bird-Friendly Coalition aims to connect, guide and amplify initiatives that conserve native birds in working landscapes and built environments around the world.
  • Vision: We envision a world where everyone can “Live Bird Friendly”—where integrating and supporting bird conservation approaches becomes the norm for all producers, industries, governments and individuals.

RSI is honored to be part of this initiative along with other international allies.

Link to the Bird Friendly Brochure (click here)

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