Red Siskin receives International Film Festival award

June 1, 2021 by Bárbara Santana

In May of this year, the Red Siskin was honored at the International Film Festival: El Ojo Iluso.

The El Ojo Iluso film festival was born in the heart of Táchira state, Venezuela. This festival seeks to “gather and exhibit animation works (…) with experimental narratives and proposals, which besides entertaining, invite a critical analysis of historical and current realities”.

This year, we submitted the animated video “Introducing the Red Siskin Initiative” directed by Ricardo Villaroel, with the support of the Venezuelan audiovisual production company La Granja TV and the collaboration of Rio Verde TV, an outreach platform that spreads knowledge about biodiversity, geography and culture of Venezuela and Latin America.

The short film received an award in the category: Infographic, Instructional or Didactic Animation.  In the words of El Ojo Iluso jury they described the video as: 

A “preservation campaign with a simple aesthetic and a concise and direct message, which transmits and invites participation. A coherent piece in the use of its elements and a good use of motion graphics”.

We are very happy to be part of this festival and grateful for the support received by La Granja TV, Rio Verde TV and, of course, El Ojo Iluso. It is an excellent opportunity to spread the word about the Red Siskin  and promote our work to save it from extinction.

In the Red Siskin Initiative, we work for the recovery of the Red Siskin and protection of many other species that coexist in the Venezuelan Coastal Range. For example, with our project “Birds and Coffee” through the promotion of sustainable livelihoods we protect more than 300 hectares of bird-friendly habitat that is used by more than 200 species of birds.