The Red Siskin Specialists and Aviculturists Network (ReSSAN)

Above, a visit from ReSSAN members to the Red Siskin Conservation Center, in wich they shared their experiences in breeding practices and their knowledge about the species.

What is the Red Siskin Specialists and Aviculturists Network (ReSSAN)

The Red Siskin Specialists and Aviculturists Network (ReSSAN) (Red de Especialistas y Avicultores Amigos del Cardenalito (REAAC), in Spanish) is a participatory network of specialists, aviculturists and scientists. It focuses on the exchange of experiences, validation of protocols and creation of joint solutions that support the successful operation of the Red Siskin Conservation Center. As a strategy that promotes the conservation of wild populations, ReSSAN provides advice and experiences to help increase the efficiency of a captive breeding program for eventual reintroduction of the bird in nature.

Our goals

  • Reduce threats: Halt the extraction rate of wild red siskins.
  • Increase the number of captive-bred Red Siskins: Build expertise to rehabilitate rescued birds and breed them for eventual reintroduction.
  • Connect with stakeholders: Help interested parties on all sides understand the impact of their actions and decisions and provide alternatives that support Red Siskin Conservation.

Our achievements

  • The first meeting of the ReSSAN was held in November 2019, in the city of Valencia-Venezuela. In the event national aviculturists with a recognized trajectory among their colleagues participated. These included Mascia, Enrique Azuaje, Oswaldo Romero, Antonio Meza and Dr. Carlos Luis Ortega. On behalf of the RSI, Arlene Cardozo and Miguel Arvelo participated also.
  • In July 2019, less than a month after the Conservation Center was inaugurated, we received the first voluntary surrender of red siskins. This aligned participants with the law, and contributed to establishing the founder birds.
  • ReSSAN members first visited the Red Siskin Conservation Center (RSCC) who shared their experiences in breeding practices and their knowledge about the species.
  • In 2020, ReSSAN members provided advice to the RSCC bird curator, Leonel Ovalle-Moleiro, to begin the first attempted 2020 breeding season.
  • In 2021, ReSSAN members finished the first version of the handbook entitled “Sustainable management of songbirds: lessons learned from the Venezuelan Red Siskin” in which important representatives of aviculture such as Hugo Santana, Herminio Conca, Francisco Reyes and Roberto Jurado collaborated with their expertise and knowledge in writing chapters on reproduction, health, housing, and feeding to be considered in the management of Red Siskins for conservation purposes.


  • Venezuela: Andrés Mascia, Enrique Azuaje, Antonio Meza, Oswaldo Hernández, Dr. Carlos Luis Ortega, Giuseppe Luciano.
  • Australia: Mike Fidler.
  • United States: Paula Hansen.
  • Portugal: Hugo Santana.
  • Brazil: Reginaldo Sereno.
  • Spain: Francisco Reyes, Roberto Jurado.
  • France: Jean Pierre Eytoff.
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