What is the Red Siskin's Specialists and Aviculturists Network (ReSSAN)?

The Red Siskin’s Specialists and Aviculturists Network (ReSSAN) (Red de Especialistas y Avicultores Amigos del Cardenalito (REAAC), in Spanish) is a participative network composed by specialists, aviculturists and scientific community. It focuses on the exchange of experiences, validation of protocols and creating joint solutions that favor the operation of the Red Siskin Conservation Center; As a strategy that promotes the conservation of wild populations, the network members advice and experiences will help to increase the efficiency of a captive breeding program for eventual reintroduction of the bird in nature.

Our goals

  • Reducing the threats: Halter the extraction rate over wild red siskins populations.


  • Increase the number of captive-bred Red Siskin populations and follow up recovery in nature: The species will recover in freedom.


  • Connecting with stakeholders: Education and knowledge available for everyone.

Our achievements

The first meeting of the ReSSAN was carried out in November 2019, in the city of Valencia-Venezuela. In the event participated national aviculturists with a recognized trajectory among their colleagues like Mascia, Enrique Azuaje, Oswaldo Romero, Antonio Meza and Dr. Carlos Luis Ortega. On behalf of the RSI were present Arlene Cardozo and Miguel Arvelo.

In July 2019, less than a month after the Conservation Center was inaugurated, we received the cession of red siskins as a contribution to establishing the founder birds.

We received the visit from ReSSAN members to the Conservation Center who shared their experiences in breeding practices and their knowledge about the species.

ReSSAN members advised to the RSCC bird curator, Leonel Ovalle-Moleiro, to begin the 2020 breeding season.



  • Venezuela

    • Andrés Mascia
    • Enrique Azuaje
    • Antonio Meza
    • Oswaldo Hernández
    • Dr. Carlos Luis Ortega
    • Giuseppe Luciano

  • Australia

    • Mike Fidler

  • United States

    • Paula Hansen

  • Portugal

    • Hugo Santana
  • Brasil

    • Reginaldo Sereno

  • España

    • Francisco Reyes
    • Roberto Jurado

  • Francia

    • Jean Pierre Eytoff