RSI expands to a total of 5 zoos!
05 Jun

RSI expands to a total of 5 zoos!

Two new partners’ zoos have joined the RSI in 2019. Brevard Zoo in Melbourne Florida and National Aviary in Pittsburg Pennsylvania have or will soon receive Red Siskins for exhibit from SCBI and the Avian Preservation and Education Conservancy (APEC). Also in Florida, the Zoo Miami Red Siskin exhibit continues to grow with a new donation of more birds from APEC. We are delighted to welcome our new partners and excited to expand the RSI conservation education program, now at 5 zoos… and counting! Many thanks to Caroline Efstathion and Robert Horsburgh of APEC and to SCBI for their leadership and excellent work helping to grow the RSI.

Photo: Jhonathan Miranda.

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