Spanish company Aviantecnic joins the RSI network of collaborators
17 Nov

Spanish company Aviantecnic joins the RSI network of collaborators

If you had to summarize the conservation efforts of RSI with one word, you would do well to pick “collaboration:” public and private institutions, civil societies, companies, communities, and individual people have all contributed to new and better opportunities to build sustainability of wild populations of Red Siskins in Venezuela. For about three years now, we have welcomed aviculturists from across the world as part of this collaboration, as they have contributed their experience in breeding Red Siskins and their interest in promoting ethical practices in aviculture. 

After more than a year of hard work by RSI led by Arlene Cardozo, the Red Siskin Specialists and Aviculturists Network (named REAAC for its initials in Spanish; is now comprised of more than 100 allies, with working groups in Venezuela, Spain, Brazil, Australia and the United States. Activities of our network members include support to the Red Siskin Conservation Center of Venezuela (RSCC) at Leslie Pantin Zoo, to achieve Red Siskin breeding for eventual reintroduction. 

Spain’s REAAC working group, led by Roberto Jurado and Francisco Reyes, has taken on the challenge of searching for support from commercial companies interested in collaborating with RSI by donating supplies and medicine for RSCC activities. We are so pleased to report that their hard work has paid off.

Herminio Conca, the current CEO of the Avianvet Group C.B, and the leader of the Aviantecnic Brand has answered their call for help and has made generous donation including specialized foods, supplements, medicines, and equipment. This represents crucial support for the birds in our care, ensuring quality standards for captive breeding and management at a time when conditions in Venezuela are challenging. The Avianet team has also offered us advice and follow-up as we move forward, and we welcome them as a valued collaborator.

All of RSI is both grateful and moved by the enthusiasm that REAAC members worldwide have put into supporting Red Siskin conservation, which truly unites us all in a common goal. 

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