The Project

We envision to maintain and restore self-sustaining populations of Red Siskins in their natural habitat and their historical distribution range.

With this mission, we dream of the Red Siskin as a source of local and national pride in all range countries, as well as a symbol of commitment to the preservation of their natural heritage.

Historical distribution of the Red Siskin
Actual distribution of the Red Siskin
Historical (A) and actual (B) distribution of the Red Siskin

While the conditions to fulfill this vision are developed, the project is making great progress and continues to build the momentum necessary to change the current reality while at the same time incorporating new collaborators. Throughout the distribution of the Red Siskin, we have been working in the field of research to achieve a better understanding of the threats to this species, its ecology and evolution, which may facilitate the making of any decision regarding conservation and reintroduction initiatives.

We are also building education programs and working on the architectural designs of the center for the conservation, rescue and education of the Red Siskin in Venezuela, while in Guyana we are focused on establishing a protected area, creating a formal system for the monitoring and observation of illegal catches, providing education to local communities and training to develop skills in the field of research and ornithology.

Red Siskin Conservation Center in Venezuela

In the United States, a captive population has been established to support fundraising, education against the animal trade, and research in breeding, care, and reintroduction techniques. Genomic methods are being used to answer important genetic questions in the development and management of captive populations. Our collaborators in all countries are making efforts to investigate and reduce illegal catches and trade, in coordination with communities, local authorities and international organizations.