The Red Siskin: fashionable and sustainable

July 30, 2021 by Bárbara Santana

The Initiative has been fortunate to create alliances over the years through different sectors, offering the opportunity to educate and expand the message about the conservation of the Red Siskin.

This year we formed an alliance with RSB Swimwear, a Venezuelan brand founded in 2003 by Marlene Lazarde and Ruth Sánchez-Bueno, mother and daughter respectively. This firm is a pioneer in Venezuela for being eco friendly.

Their new collection, “Tierra Mía”, found inspiration in the Venezuelan fauna and, in particular, in species that are threatened with extinction, as is the case of the Red Siskin, whose image became the protagonist of the “Tucacas” print.

The fabric of these swimsuits is made from recycled PET plastic bottles. Ruth Sanchez, (creative mind behind the prints) comments: “one bikini from this collection is equivalent to 8 recycled PET bottles, and a whole swimsuit is equivalent to approximately 14 bottles. This process is endorsed by the Global Recycling Standard, with its respective certificate of origin”.

We are very grateful to RSB Swimwear for dedicating special attention to the Red Siskin and for donating a percentage of Tucacas print sales to the Red Siskin Initiative and the Leslie Pantin Zoo, home of the Red Siskin Conservation Center in Venezuela.

RSB Swimwear also uses its social networks for educational purposes, impacting many people with its conservation messaging; even reaching articles in Forbes and Vogue Mexico where the Red Siskin Initiative was featured in recent editions.Access their website to learn more about the brand and about their products.