The Red Siskin flying freely in Caracas
30 Jun

The Red Siskin flying freely in Caracas

On June 9, RSI joined Café Arábica and over 80 guests for the exhibit: “The free flight of the Red Siskin,” comprised of original photos of Red Siskins in their natural habitat. All were taken by Jhonathan Miranda, RSI field ornithologist, during his RSI fieldwork.

Provita’s President, Jon Paul Rodriguez, opened with words of welcome, describing RSI efforts to restore wild populations. Jhonathan then talked about the Red Siskin’s behavior and ecology and shared exciting and harrowing stories of fieldwork adventures. Luis Arrieta presented RSI’s “Birds and Coffee” project, describing the close connection between the coffee aroma surrounding guests in Café Arabica and the Red Siskins in Jhonathan’s photographs. A tasting session followed with coffee varieties from Piedra de Cachimbo, where the project is based, and Red Siskin Special Edition chocolate, which is produced by Mantuano Chocolate in partnership with Café Arábica, and well-known Venezuelan fashionista Titina Penzini.

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