The Red Siskins are back in our aviaries!

August 21, 2023 by Bárbara Santana

One of the keys to effective conservation “adaptive management”.

One of the keys to effective conservation “adaptive management” – understanding, learning, and changing course to generate increasingly successful protocols. We have taken this approach in the Red Siskin Conservation Center, and have finished three years of infrastructure updates, improvements in biosecurity, environmental studies, and health monitoring. As a result, our red siskins have finally moved from the small cages where they’ve lived during these improvements, and they are back in our large aviaries.

In these aviaries, siskins have ample space to spread their wings and exercise. Natural light energizes them and makes the intense color of their feathers shine. Moreover, soon they will be able to interact with native plants cultivated in our new nursery. They’ll take refuge in the shade of their leaves and feed on their flowers and seeds.

This new spectacle will moreover be visible for the first time to guests. During tours at Leslie Pantin Zoo, visitors can now admire red siskins through new exhibit windows. Visitors will be able to watch their social behaviors and listen to their songs as they learn about caring for our forests and discouraging illegal trade.

Many thanks to all our allies who have supported the Red Siskin Conservation Center, such as Mohammed Bin Zayed Conservation Fund, the Ornithological Federation of Andalusia, Aviantecnic, and Tracy Aviary. And, of course, our most important ally, Leslie Pantin Zoo.

We hope to see you soon at the Zoo!