Tracy Aviary joins the Red Siskin Initiative flock!
10 Nov

Tracy Aviary joins the Red Siskin Initiative flock!

Author: Allie Abel, Keeper, Tracy Aviary

Photo credit Julie Wittrock

Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City, Utah, is now home to a small flock of red siskins!  Since arriving in the fall, our red siskin flock has settled in nicely to one of our mixed-species aviaries, alongside a few tanager and dove species. Our little flock is engaging, active, and vocal in their aviary, and seem to have settled in a routine wherein they do almost everything together as a group.  They crowd together in their food trays to share meals, they cluster on a perch near the front of their enclosure to clean their beaks after eating, they take turns bathing on the same wet leaves or drinking from their pond, they group together and chatter and sing loudly every morning and afternoon, and they roost together at night.  We are thrilled to have this engaging little flock of red siskins now on display in our South America Pavillion and are proud to participate in their management program!

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