The Red Siskin Initiative (RSI)

We have the generous support of a growing number of people and institutions dedicated to helping Red Siskin conservation with their expertise and commitment

Core partners

The generous support provided by these institutions has made the Red Siskin Initiative a reality. Their dedication, persistence and trajectory have consolidated the project as they strive be an example of the very best practices in conservation.

Technical partners

It would be impossible to achieve our ambitious conservation objectives without the tireless collaboration, advice, alliances and support of our technical partners.

Project sponsors

Halting and reversing the decline of the Red Siskin is only possible through our projects and the direct actions of our partners. We are deeply grateful for the financial support for these projects and actions we receive from valuable institutions and people. Their contributions have allowed us to maintain salaries, operating costs, communications, project development, capacity-building activities and (minimal) infrastructure – as well as to execute the conservation actions that make a difference.