Working together to save the Red Siskin

June 20, 2022 by Bárbara Santana

In March 2022, Red Siskin Initiative advisor, Kate Rodriguez-Clark, led a scoping meeting with our current and prospective partners to a potential Red Siskin SAFE program application.

The AZA SAFE (Saving Animals From Extinction) framework allows partners to focus collective expertise within AZA by building on established recovery plans, encouraging collaboration between partner facilities and range country partners, implementing strategic conservation and stakeholder engagement activities and measuring conservation progress. During this meeting, we were able to outline our proposed conservation goals for the program, as well as present opportunities for collaboration.

Our most important aim for the day was to hear from the fourteen potential partner facilities who attended on what their priorities are for the future, and how these align with ongoing efforts on behalf of the Red Siskin. As a result of this meeting, we will be able to produce a draft application for a Red Siskin SAFE. We were so energized by the enthusiasm of all participants involved and are looking forward to sharing our SAFE application and plan in the months ahead.